Content Compliance

Local Content Statement

2RE Compliance

To ensure Radio 2RE complies with the Broadcasting Standards Act 2000, we are obliged to disclose any commercial agreements Radio 2RE presenters may have.

Staff employed by Radio 2RE (Manning Valley Max The Heat Pty Ltd) have no commercial agreements in place.

Some programs on 2RE are relayed from the 2SM Supernetwork group of stations. These include 2SM, 2HD and Radio 97. A register of any agreements these presenters may have can be viewed by visiting any of the above mentioned stations’ websites.

2RE Local Content Compliance

Radio 2RE complies with the Australian Communications and Media Authority Broadcasting Service Act (material of local significance – notice).

Radio 2RE exceeds these minimum requirements by a considerable amount. A written explanation of how we achieve this can be obtained from our office at 35 Cowper Street, or by writing to:

The General Manager
Radio 2RE
Po Box 275
Taree NSW 2430